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Customer Testimonials




                                                       Letter of Recommendation                                                                            D.H.B. & B.G.S. Works, Inc.


Zeev came to meet with us to discuss the detailed nature of our remodeling job. Zeev was very professional and did a walk through to see what part of the house would be affected by the remodeling and construction.  Gathering all of the information, Zeev said that he would get back to us within one week with a proposal.  This was my first good impression of this contractor.  Most other contractor that I interviewed said that it would take approximately 2-4 weeks to get back to me with a proposal.

 Upon our acceptance of the proposal, D.H.B. & B.G.S. Works, Inc. wrote up a contract.  With the contract, Zeev provided us with the proof of Workmen’s Comp. Ins., Liability Insurance, Bonded and also their Contractor’s License.  This again impressed me, since it is very critical that before selecting a contractor a homeowner needs to know that they will be fully protected from any liabilities during the construction period.  Another investigation by the homeowner is to check with the State Contractor’s Board on the validity and integrity of the contractor.  D.H.B. & B.G.S. Works, Inc. checked out with flying colors.  I even contacted other references that were listed by D.H.B. & B.G.S. Works, Inc. All of the contacts had high reviews of Zeev.

After carefully evaluating several contractors, my husband and I came to an agreement that we will have our construction job to be done by D.H.B. & B.G.S. Works Inc. 

 After signing the contract, D.H.B. & B.G.S. Works Inc. provided to the homeowner a payment schedule.  Everything was indicated on this payment schedule as to what would be covered in the contract cost and what additional amounts would be liable from the homeowner.

 Another thing that greatly impressed me was the time frame that Zeev said he could get our remodeling job done.  He said he could get it done within 6 weeks.  However, to allow an additional 1-2 weeks for the inspection of each phase of the construction.  Our remodeling job was completed in 5 weeks and this included the city inspector’s time. Other contractors gave us an estimate time of 3-6 months.

From the day that our construction job began, Zeev was on site along with their crew.  Work began promptly at 8:00 A.M.  As a homeowner this is very important that the contractor comes to check the daily progress of the job.  Also should the homeowner have any questions, the contractor was readily available. 

 The work schedule and also the delivery of the supplies were well monitored that there was no down time during the course of the construction job.  Zeev's project manager (co-owner of D.H.B. & B.G.S. Works Inc.) did a fantastic job in coordinating the work schedule and also making sure that supplies were delivered on a timely basis so not to create any down-time.

 Each craftsmen were professional and well skilled in their specified trade.  As I observed each worker and the results of their workmanship, I also saw that each trade’s person took great pride in their job. 

 After each day of work, the work area was cleaned and kept clear of any debris and other material that might be hazardous and of danger to the homeowner. 

 I get up every day and admire the fantastic job that D.H.B. & B.G.S. Works, Inc. did for us. We are 100% satisfied and happy with this remodeling job.  Our master bathroom turned out so beautiful.  The travertine that we used in the shower stall and also on the bathroom floor is just so beautiful.  Thank you, Zeev for recommending that we use the travertine tile in our shower stall.  And thank you for making the adjustment in the design of the master bathroom. We are so pleased that we went with a larger shower stall.

 To sum it up, thank you Zeev for being such a great contractor and for producing such a fantastic end results.  The homeowner’s satisfaction is 100% happy and pleased.  We will enjoy our newly remodeled home for years to come. 

 If there is anyone that wishes to call me with more customer satisfaction and recommendation comments, please call me at (310) 897-5389.

 Thank you.


Joy & Mel Saito


Every once in a great while, one finds a company and its craftsmen who bring about a level of talent, honesty and effort, that sets a first-rate measure of quality to their work. Our experience with DHB & BGS Works is just such a firm, who has set this high standard for professional workmanship.


From the planning stage of design, to the cost basis and choices of materials, discussions took place with us every step of the way in undergoing the modifications to our property. Daily communication followed with progress reports on the ongoing reconstruction of the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. From solving city code permit requirements by taking meetings with city officials, to resolving proper code construction, to managing the small details, everyone made our experience productive from start to finish.


In a complex remodel of our 45-year-old condominium, their team was able to strike a balance of staying on time, and on budget. 

Overseeing a flow of electricians, plumbers, painters, hardwood floor installers, cabinetmakers, granite cutters, stone tile installers, handymen, carpenters, and cleaning staff, all were handled with practical, direct management. The entire group blended together evenly with an end result of bringing about a new modern space with a job done to our compete satisfaction.


Thanks, Zeev.


Jack & Diane Eyler

Santa Monica, California


We recently contracted DHB & BGS works (Zev) for a complete remodeling of our kitchen. As someone who has had a number of experiences dealing with contractors, I was NOT looking forward to such a huge project while being 7 months pregnant.  However, Zev is totally different from anyone I have ever worked with. He is professional, on time, easy to get a hold of, do what he say's he will do and are trustworthy.  Their crew is courteous and easy to communicate with and they are also very good at what they do.  From the conception to the completion of my kitchen, it took about a 2 weeks.  It was so nice to work with Zev, who is an designer.  This puts them at an advantage over other general contractors as I can see that Zev really knows what he is talking about when it comes to planning out my kitchen.  He is also detail oriented and provides high quality products and craftsmanship.  Zev is such a pleasure to work with.  He is patient, polite, trustworthy and he really listens to his clients.  Plus, he is easily accessible via email so that makes my life so much easier rather than having to get a hold of people on the phone while running after 2 little ones.  Zev also took the time to come to the tile store with us to help us pick out backsplash and flooring that will match our kitchen.  This was extremely helpful to us and I don’t think any other contractors would have taken the time out to help their clients that way.  The entire process was very smooth without any major setbacks at all.  We are so happy with our new kitchen.  It is everything we thought it was going to be…modern, beautiful, functional and most importantly we got it done within our budget.  Zev were really good at staying within our budget which is hugely important to us.  There were a few small kinks that needed to be smoothed out after using the kitchen for a few months (and it’s typical) and they are super responsive at sending out their crew to fix all the issues.

I highly recommend them and will not hesitate to use them again in my future remodeling projects.

Katherine & Joel Vanderkloot

Marina Del Ray




During my hunt for a general contractor I had the pleasure of meeting Zeev of DHB & BGS Works Inc. After interviewing numerous contractors I decided on Zeev based on my review of a job they had recently completed and after a discussion with the homeowner of that project. Zeev gave me a reasonable estimate and more amazingly a two and a half week completion estimate.  True to their word my remodel was complete in 2 ½ weeks and then some as I had them remodel my powder room as well, during the same time frame.

    Everything was orchestrated to perfection, as one job was completed the next wave of the trade was in. Unlike prior remodels there was no down time as there was someone here working the entire time. Not only did they design a fabulous and functional kitchen lay out, the quality of workmanship was outstanding. I cannot recommend Zeev more highly for any project you have them do. I will certainly have them back when I begin my master bedroom remodel.

Laurence Y. Wong Esq.










I would like to give my highest recommendation to DHB & BGS Works Inc. My overall experience with their services was very positive from the minute I contacted them for a bid until the completion of the project.  Like many business owners looking for contract work, we do not have the time or patience to deal with the typical unprofessional contractor that is common place in the construction industry.

This was my first experience with a contractor who actually answered the phone (EVERY TIME!) and showed up 15 minutes early to our arranged appointments completely prepared and ready to get to work.  I simply do not have time to waste, and DHB & BGS Works actually finished my project one week ahead of schedule!  During the entire process they gave me detailed progress reports, invoices, and updates on what the next steps were. 

They were not the cheapest bid that I received, but I went with them because I knew that they would get the job done without the drama and excuses that other contractors consistently give you.  Save yourself the headache and let DHB & BGS Works handle it!

Dan Mitchell (President)
Orange County Music Academy


I just wanted to thank you for doing a great job on our kitchen/dining/laundry addition and living room remodel.  The coordination of the job was very impressive, and one of you was there very day checking to make sure that it was done right.  The job was finished before it was scheduled to be completed. You were great person to work with, very professional, always punctual, patient and would spend the extra time to make sure that we were satisfied. 

Before the project started, I had a picture in a magazine of what I wanted the kitchen to look like, and you did a great job of matching it as closely as you could within our budget.  I liked the fact that you had some great design ideas, and you were accommodating with our ideas and changes. 

We love how the new addition and remodeling looks and are enjoying it very much. We would definitely recommended DHB & BGS Works, Inc. to anyone.

Thanks again,

LaDonna and Joe Wise




Dear BGS Works, Inc.

Thank you for doing such a great job on my kitchen. Zev was very professional and worked very hard to get our job done.  I will fill out the Completion Form and email it back to you right away.


Tomi Ford,